Privacy Policy

Unless otherwise noted in the following special cases, no user data is collected and no cookies are used whatsoever on and all of its pages. Your acceptance of this terms is automatically assumed if you continue browsing this site. If you do not agree with these terms, please navigate away from the website immediately.

Special Cases:

1) When accessing and logging in to the "Kioubit.dn42 Autopeering" system, whose login page is located at "", the user accepts that essential cookies will be placed on their computer. These cookies are required for the website to function and allow a user to be authenticated. By submitting their ASN Number (a unique number identifying a user within the DN42 Project - ) in the login page, the user automatically agrees that any information they have publicly stored with the dn42 Project ( will be fetched to facilitate the authentication process. Additionally, for the purposes of authenticating the user, they may be asked to provide a signature of a random challenge message using their personal PGP Key. The signed message is deleted immediately from the system after verification.

2) When using the contact form located at "" the user may be presented with the option to provide their personal contact details. The contact details are required for the website owner to be able to reply to requests from the contact form. These details are deleted after 180 days from the submission of the form. Moreover, to facilitate the anti-spam challenge (Captcha) presented on the contact page, the user accepts that essential cookies will be placed on their computer.

3) On some pages a map is displayed which is fetched from The privacy policy of is accepted by the user (

4) When clicking on external links, the website will log the amount of times a link has been clicked and at which time.


You can contact the website owner by using the contact form at