Services of the Kioubit Network

Information about services provided to the DN42 Community

Recursive anycasted DNS Server   Most used Service

Kioubit is participating in the DN42 DNS pool providing k.recursive-servers.dn42 and k.delegation-servers.dn42 and is also hosting the main anycast DNS addresses for DN42: and fd42:d42:d42:54::1

If you would like to prefer Kioubit's servers you can set: and fdcf:8538:9ad5:1111::1

DN42 IP Lookup tool
Clearnet and DN42-Internal

Easily lookup clearnet and DN42 IP addresses. See Registry data and GeoIP information.

Kioubit Verification Services

Verify your digital identity for use within DN42 and its community. Verification is automated and works via registry provided methods. Available only after request.

Diagnose your DN42 router setup

One click diagnosis of common problems leading to connectivity issues with the DN42 network.

DN42 Wiki  DN42 Core service

Kioubit hosts a mirror of the dn42 wiki


Test your bandwidth to my server in the DN42 network

RegistryWizard  Open Source

The RegistryWizard is an opensource java tool to process and interact with Registry Data. Expanded as required by the Kioubit Network.