Kioubit.dn42 Verify Services

Kioubit provides a range of services to verify your digital identity for use within DN42 and its community

Verify ASN Ownership

Verify that you own your DN42 ASN using the authentication methods of the Registry (PGP,SSH)

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Check "Kioubit Verify Signatures"

Check signatures generated by Kioubit for authenticity 

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Kioubit Artemis

Verify SSH Key Ownership: Verify that you own the SSH Private Key corresponding to an SSH Public Key

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Kioubit Trust

Verify your ASN only once and create unlimited Kioubit verify signatures

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Kioubit Poseidon

Verify that you own a dn42 IP using TCP connections

Work in progress...

Kioubit's DN42 Network

Get yourself peered with the Kioubit DN42 Network via automatic or manual methods

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